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Current Conditions

Weather Policy

Weather Policy and Cancellation Notification

In the case of inclement weather, Mudsock Youth Soccer reserves the right to cancel a practice and/or game. Practices and/or games may also be canceled by S.Y.S. in compliance with City of Fishers mandated field closures.

Per Mudsock Youth Athletics and the City of Fishers:
1. If lightning is visually spotted, or is noted using a weather app (assign a parent to this responsibility) within 10 miles, all playing field MUST BE EVACUATED immediately. All players, coaches, and spectators must go to a car or indoor facility. They may not remain on the field, bleachers, dugouts, etc.

2. Play will resume 30 minutes after the last lightning strike or the lightning has moved out of the 10 mile range.

3. The person responsible for making sure this happens is the individual coach during all practice sessions and the official (if applicable) during games.

4. The league representative is responsible for clearing all fields at locations with multiple fields. A siren or other alert method should be used as opposed to going field by field in order to clear fields immediately.

Cancellation and field closure information will be available by 5:00 pm during weekdays and by 7:30 am on weekends. This information will be accessible through Mudsock Youth Soccer social media postings and the Mudsock Youth Soccer homepage.

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Makeup Policy

Practices and/or games canceled by Mudsock Youth Soccer due to inclement weather will be rescheduled in coordination with field/facility availability. Mudsock Youth Soccer canceled practices will be scheduled as a makeup on the Friday of missed practice week between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Canceled practices will be rescheduled on first come-first serve basis during the week, allowing two makeup practices per week, per location. In the event Mudsock Youth Soccer does not cancel practices due to weather or closed field/facilities, coaches reserve the right to cancel for their team. Practice canceled by the team coach will not be rescheduled for makeup.
Mudsock Youth Soccer canceled games will be rescheduled for the Sunday of the following week of canceled game (8 days post except holidays). Games that complete the first half of play before a weather-related cancellation will not be rescheduled and results will be considered final. All rescheduling will be submitted by the Mudsock Youth Soccer League Scheduler and must be approved by City of Fishers and local High School Facilities management. Once the makeup schedule is finalized, it will be available on the R-School Today online schedule. No changes may be made once the schedule is finalized and posted. Teams with makeup game conflicts should attempt to have equal numbered players on the field and can reduce or borrow players from opposing team as coordinated between team coaches.

City of Fishers Field Status

The City of Fishers communicates all field closures through a live map website. Click a location below to check the current field status. All soccer fields are labeled as "AF" or "Athletic Field."

City and league updates will be posted by 4:30pm on weekdays and by 8:00am on weekends.

Green = Open Field
Red = Closed Field